Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 24

June 18: Just Like Dad
I did a photo shoot of the boys dressed up in Graham's clothes for part of his father's day gift. It went along with a cute poem about growing up to be as great a man as Daddy. I sure love these little boys, and they idolize their father for good reason! 

June 19: Pinata Spoils 
Will had never participated in breaking a pinata before our ward fiesta last weekend, but he's certainly a fan now.

June 20: Discovery

June 21: Food Art for Father's Day

June 22: Food Art - Take 2

June 23: All Boy

This is why I love being a mom.

June 24: There's a Logan in My Bucket, Dear Liza
And, in case you're wondering, yes, it was filled with water.

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