Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 35

September 9: Scraped Knees
These days, it seems like both my boys always have scraped knees. It doesn't seem to be slowing them down though, nor does it stop them from attempting death-defying stunts.

Saving the World--
No fireman is complete without his superhero cape.

September 10: Surprises in the Mail

September 11: State Fair

September 12: Go Cougars!
We took the boys down to a tailgate party at BYU before the football game last Saturday. It was crazy crowded, even 2 hours before the game, but we all enjoyed eating some good food and playing games.

Graham stayed for the game while I took the boys home to sleep and spent the evening sewing. Everyone was happy.

And once, BYU won, they had to storm the field. Second miracle game in a row! 
Somebody's doing something right. :)

September 13: Imagine...
I've long imagined having a table and stools made out of tree stumps for my kids to play with in their own little forest. Slowly, my dream is coming true.

September 14: Happy (Muddy) Feet

September 15: Raindrops on Roses

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 34: Photo-A-Day Challenge

September 3: Camera Shy
I was trying to get a picture of Logan with his new hair cut, but he was too interested in playing the balloon.

September 4: "Real" Life Portrait
Isn't the lighting beautiful in this picture? Too bad I never got a normal face from him. But then again, it's so HIM.

September 5: Chocolate Eyes

September 6: Wonder
I snapped a photo of this quote from a book I read last week called 365 Days of Wonder. LOVE this idea.

September 7: Hiking to Lake Mary
I love when they get snuggly like this. :)

September 8: Driver's Seat
It's a new favorite pass time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 33

August 26: New Shoes

August 27: Water Play

August 28: Waterfall Tub

August 29: Rocky Mouth Hike

August 30: Sleepy Head 

August 31: Harvest

September 1: Contemplating the Mysteries of the Outhouse

September 2: First Day of Preschool!