Thursday, April 23, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 15

April 15: Milk + Food Coloring + Dish Soap = Cool Art

April 16: Pure Beauty

April 17: Bring on the Warm Weather!

April 18: Ethereal Springtime

April 19: Incarcerated
Logan's new-found love of exploration and Will's meltdowns over his train tracks being demolished led to a little jail time for Logan. Thankfully, he was so happy playing this way that we've made it a regular occurrence.

April 20: Homemade Ice Cream
I bought Graham an ice cream maker for Christmas, but we hadn't actually used it until this week. These two were in heaven making some decadent chocolate ice cream for a family home evening treat. YUM! 

April 21: Watching the Garbage Man
Will is teaching his brother about the important things in life.

April 22: Park Day 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 14

April 9: Nine Months
25th % for weight....75th % for height
Crawling & pulling up on furniture
Trying to eat everything his little pincer grasp can get to his mouth
Loves wrestling his brother

And, since he hit another milestone age, he had a check-up and had to get immunizations. 
Love his little Band-Aid.

April 10: Sleepy Traveler
Logan and I flew to California last weekend to attend my Oma's memorial service. This is how he (thankfully) spent most of his first flight.

April 11: Family Time
After Oma's memorial service, we had lots of time to hang out and reconnect as a family. 
What a blessing. I love these people.

April 12: Close Encounter with a Crawler
We had to pass the time in the airport somehow...

April 13: All Aboard!
He wanted to do a train this is what we made (Some days I really want to avoid doing the dishes). Now he pulls his stuffed animals around the house calling "All Aboard!"

April 14: Snow Day with Dad
Daddy went in late to work today just so he could build a snowman with his boy who was thrilled about the snow. I think they both enjoyed themselves. :)

 This boy and I stayed inside and watched from the windows.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 13

April 3: Dying Easter Eggs

April 4: Hunting and Gathering

April 5: The Real Deal

April 6: Super Slimy Stuff

April 7: Towers of Destruction

April 8: Right Foot Blue

Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 12

March 26: "Who's Godzilla, Mom?"
Oh, this boy and his new-found love of exploration and destruction.

March 27: Celebrate!

March 28: Curb Appeal
More than two years after moving in, we finally got mulch down in our flower beds, and our yard looks pretty nice. Now, we just have to get the lawn to green up!

March 29: Triple Birthday Party
Graham, his brother, and our sister-in-law all had birthdays last week. Party time!

 March 30: Basking in the Sunshine
This is the quintessential Logan pose these days: sitting up on one knee and one foot, ready to move at any second.

 March 31: Clean as a Whistle
They're so cute when they're clean and naked.

April 1: Oma
I didn't take this picture, but my Oma passed away on April 1st (leave it to her to choose April Fools Day), and this is how I will always picture her. What a wonderful woman!

April 2: Getting Fancy
We finally got bedroom furniture! We've had mismatched hand-me-downs since we got married (for which I was grateful), so it's nice to have something a little better. Now, I get to begin decorating in earnest. Caribbean retreat, here I come!