Thursday, April 23, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 15

April 15: Milk + Food Coloring + Dish Soap = Cool Art

April 16: Pure Beauty

April 17: Bring on the Warm Weather!

April 18: Ethereal Springtime

April 19: Incarcerated
Logan's new-found love of exploration and Will's meltdowns over his train tracks being demolished led to a little jail time for Logan. Thankfully, he was so happy playing this way that we've made it a regular occurrence.

April 20: Homemade Ice Cream
I bought Graham an ice cream maker for Christmas, but we hadn't actually used it until this week. These two were in heaven making some decadent chocolate ice cream for a family home evening treat. YUM! 

April 21: Watching the Garbage Man
Will is teaching his brother about the important things in life.

April 22: Park Day 

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