Thursday, May 28, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 20

Whew, I can't believe that I've actually made it through 20 weeks of pictures!

May 22: Endless Possibilities

May 23: Man Power

May 24: Nap Time
(Actually, this was Logan snuggling/attacking Daddy to wake him up from a nap. Logan's not sleepy at all, despite how it looks in the picture.)

May 25: In Remembrance

Will helping Grandpa secure flowers on Grandma's grave.

May 26: Gearing up for potty training. Wish me luck.
And, lest you think I'm a completely over-the-top mom based on this picture, please note that none of my simpler attempts to get Will on the potty have worked.

May 27: Blue Suede Shoes
I bought Logan his first pair of shoes this week. He can't walk on his own yet, but he has taken several steps and loves to walk while holding my hand.

May 28: Success!
My seeds have sprouted are actually growing!
I might have a real garden this year...more than just cherry tomatoes and squash, that is.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge Part 19

May 15: Making Faces
I love this boy. I don't understand him, but I love him.

May 16: Roommates for Life
These are two of the three girls I lived with during almost all of college. I'm so grateful they were with me during some of the most fun and turbulent times of my life. Love you girls! 
And, Kristy, why didn't you hop on a plane and join us?

May 17: Happy Birthday Will...Part Two
We had a family birthday party for Will on Sunday, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. 
The cake was his choice of designs. Perfect for my little train conductor.

May 18: Leaning Tower of Harr Boys
Early Monday morning all my boys started getting sick, so there was way too little sleep and way too much laundry the next day.
Still, I managed to snap a picture of them all piled together watching a movie. 

May 19: Ten Month Photo Shoot
It took me awhile to carve out the time to get some photos of this little charmer to mark 10 months. But, he's still cute, so there no harm done. :)

May 20: First Haircut
I finally did it. And now I feel like my baby is less of a baby. Sad mama moment.

May 21: Three Years Old
I have wanted to take a shot like this for awhile, but I didn't know if Will would cooperate. It may have taken a small amount of bribery, but he agreed to have his picture taken...and afterwards proceeded to send all the cars flying across the kitchen floor.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 18

May 3: Rocking Out
My parents have this beautiful antique children's rocker. Once we put Logan in it once, he wouldn't leave it alone. He makes it look good. :)

May 4: Standing
I can't keep up with this boy!

May 5: Cinco de Mayo
This is the kind of company Graham works at: they brought in a donkey for the holiday.

May 6: Kids of All Ages
This sign made me smile. It's amazing how removing the inches symbol can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

May 7: Ten Months Old

May 8: Farmer Boy

May 9: A New Way to Play
If you can't keep the brother away from the trains, move the trains away from the brother.

May 10: Mother's Day
Breakfast in Bed with Will sitting at my feet asking for bites of my food. :) 
That's real motherhood...and true love is that I actually gave him a bite of strawberries.

I told Graham that I really wanted to get a picture of me with the boys as part of mother's day. Well, here's what we got:
At least it's true to life. 

May 11: Missed Day

May 12: Happy Birthday, Will!

We celebrated with a new bike...

...a trip to the children's museum...

...and a birthday treat

May 13: New Trains...Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challege: Part 17...California Dreams

April 29: Santa Cruz
Will loves the sand, but won't go near the ocean.

These giant beach balls were the first of many things to make Will's day.

Graham crackers mixed with sand are a tasty snack...apparently.

April 30: Quintessential San Francisco

Will was really excited to go on our trip, mostly because we told him that we were going to go on a plane, a boat, and a trolley. Forget seeing anything, the boy just wanted to enjoy the transportation.

Trolley! (And, yes, I know it's technically a cable car, but try convincing Will of that.)

Logan knows what to do...

Tuckered out...

Half Moon Bay

May 1: Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's House
Petting Goats at the Zoo


Prizes from the Gettysburg Elementary School Carnival
(He won 20 tickets, but instead of getting one big prize, he picked out 20 little cars. Quantity, not quality, people.)

May 2: Fruit Safari
I have a good friend who works at a nursery, so she took us on a tour that involved riding in a golf cart and picking AMAZING fruit. Will was in heaven (as were we all).