Thursday, May 28, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 20

Whew, I can't believe that I've actually made it through 20 weeks of pictures!

May 22: Endless Possibilities

May 23: Man Power

May 24: Nap Time
(Actually, this was Logan snuggling/attacking Daddy to wake him up from a nap. Logan's not sleepy at all, despite how it looks in the picture.)

May 25: In Remembrance

Will helping Grandpa secure flowers on Grandma's grave.

May 26: Gearing up for potty training. Wish me luck.
And, lest you think I'm a completely over-the-top mom based on this picture, please note that none of my simpler attempts to get Will on the potty have worked.

May 27: Blue Suede Shoes
I bought Logan his first pair of shoes this week. He can't walk on his own yet, but he has taken several steps and loves to walk while holding my hand.

May 28: Success!
My seeds have sprouted are actually growing!
I might have a real garden this year...more than just cherry tomatoes and squash, that is.

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