Thursday, June 4, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 21

May 29: Playing Croquet
We had an British themed night, which included a "tea" party, Yorkshire pudding, and croquet.

May 30: S'more Fun
We did a campfire with some friends and family on Saturday (it was actually Will's Mother's Day gift to me). We had a great time, especially Will.

Best idea ever was bringing the booster chair for Logan. He happily ate and watched all the goings on from his throne.

Sisterly bonding...
May 31: Just the Right Size
I left Will eating lunch in a normal chair while I went to put Logan down for his nap after church Sunday. When I came back, I found him like this...

I Love to See the Temple

Another attempt at a cute picture of Mom with her boys...and this is the best we could get.

June 1: Diggers
Yep, I think Logan looks nervous, too. And with good reason.

June 2: Summer Lovin' at the Splash Pad

June 3: Last Day of Preschool 

June 4: Into the Wild

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