Friday, June 12, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 22

June 5: Water Fight with Daddy

June 6: Making My Very Own Truck
Side note: Home Depot is the coolest. This was Will's first time going to one of their kids' workshops. He came home with a free apron, a truck he built and painted, and a huge smile on his face because of his accomplishment. We will definitely be going again.

June 7: 11 Months Old
Where did my baby go? He's turning into a toddler far too quickly. He's walking more than crawling now, and his little personality is coming out more and more each day.

June 8: Trouble...
with a capital T, and that rhymes with D, and that stands for dirt.
Whatever minerals are in dirt, this kid sure won't have a deficiency.

June 9: Water Balloons & Pool Time
These hot days have inspired a lot of activities involving water.

June 10: Fascinating.
He had no issue at all with the water soaking him, as long as no one tried to take away his hose. Whoa, Nellie, the boy has an iron grip.

June 11: Sunset.
I hope your sunset was this beautiful last night, too. 
And I hope you took the time to watch it.

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