Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 12

March 26: "Who's Godzilla, Mom?"
Oh, this boy and his new-found love of exploration and destruction.

March 27: Celebrate!

March 28: Curb Appeal
More than two years after moving in, we finally got mulch down in our flower beds, and our yard looks pretty nice. Now, we just have to get the lawn to green up!

March 29: Triple Birthday Party
Graham, his brother, and our sister-in-law all had birthdays last week. Party time!

 March 30: Basking in the Sunshine
This is the quintessential Logan pose these days: sitting up on one knee and one foot, ready to move at any second.

 March 31: Clean as a Whistle
They're so cute when they're clean and naked.

April 1: Oma
I didn't take this picture, but my Oma passed away on April 1st (leave it to her to choose April Fools Day), and this is how I will always picture her. What a wonderful woman!

April 2: Getting Fancy
We finally got bedroom furniture! We've had mismatched hand-me-downs since we got married (for which I was grateful), so it's nice to have something a little better. Now, I get to begin decorating in earnest. Caribbean retreat, here I come!

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