Sunday, July 5, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 25

June 25: 

June 26: Spoiled

You know those random traveling carnivals that pop up occasionally in the parking lots of shopping centers? The ones that are ridiculously over-priced but you always wanted to go to as a kid? Yep, that's what this was...complete with a prize water gun that broke after 5 minutes of use. But Will loved it, and it gave us something fun to do on a Friday night.

 June 27: I See Me

June 28: Fireman
Logan would play in this fire truck all day long if I would let him. It cracks me up.

June 29: Trial Run
We're going camping tomorrow, a last-minute decision that necessitated the purchase of a tent big enough to fit our whole family. At 14' x 10' x almost 7' tall, this one should last us for many years to come.

June 30: Buzz cut

July 1: Reading Time

July 2: Camping
It turns out that being the mom of the family going camping is more work than I realized as a kid. But, we got it all together and had a great trip. Stay tuned for more pictures of the camp out. 

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