Saturday, July 11, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 26

July 3: I Love the Mountains!

We had such a great camping trip. It was short, but that's the way I wanted it for a first try with the boys. They went to bed late, but they slept great, and loved being in the mountains surrounded by dirt. We went hiking at Cascade Springs the next morning before heading home with two super exhausted boys.

July 4: Stars and Stripes...and Parade Candy

The Centerville parade is becoming something of a tradition for our family. It's such a great small-town celebration full of music, veterans, and lots of candy. Plus, they have a party at Founders Park after the parade with more fun (especially the bounce house). 

July 5: Going to Work

Will wanted to "go to work" like Daddy, so he got an extra laptop bag we have and filled it with a water bottle, toy laptop, wallet, and toy cell phone. He then proceeded to set up his desk in the garage. Love this boy and his creativity.

July 6: Reading

July 7: Happy First Birthday, Logan!

July 8: Scout Camp
I went to Cub Country this week for the first time with my Webelos, and we had a great time, despite the rain that cancelled boating.

July 9: Mud Pool

I knew I should have wondered sooner what was taking so long for him to go downstairs and get the cup he dropped off the deck. Apparently, inspiration struck and he decided to turn his sandbox into a pool.

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