Thursday, August 27, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 32

August 19: Double Trouble
I don't plan these things...really.

August 20: Lights Out
Logan is learning all sorts of new skills these days, like turning the lights on and off...and on and off...and...

August 21: Splish Splash Pad
We discovered such a cool splash pad last week that's right by the Sandy amphitheater. Both boys loved exploring it. I'm so excited to go there many more times.

August 22: Feeling Close to Home
The California fires in the Sierra Nevada mountains are close to my heart. Each morning that we woke up to smoky sunrises last week made me pray for the firefighters and for the mountains that hold so many dear childhood memories.

August 23: Big Eater
Logan started being a really picky, capricious eater last week. After some frustrating mealtimes, we finally figured out the problem...he wants to use a fork and spoon. Things he refuses to eat with his hands (or be fed), he will happily scoop and spear on his own. Let the battle for independence commence!

August 24: Every Boy Needs a Catapult

August 25: Natural Curiosity
This week was the last $2 Tuesday for this year, so we took a great trip to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. Till next year!

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