Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 31

August 11: Water Lilies

I love $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point in August. Last week, we went to the garden with my sister. Fun sister catch-up time, kid play time, and photographer eye-candy time.

Handsome Boy

Secret Garden
He opened this door and played peek-a-boo over and over again.

August 12: Dinosaurs Make Everything More Fun
We've entered the dinosaur phase...and I'm actually loving it. I think it's fascinating to learn about them, and we've used these little dinosaur toys for all sorts of learning games: math, patterns, sorting, and some good old-fashioned roaring. :)

August 13: Temple Peace
I don't get to the temple as often as I'd like these days, but I carved out some time early Thursday morning. It was so calm and quiet that early in the morning as I walked up to the door; it almost matched the perfect peace inside.

August 14: Zoned Out
Sometimes it's really nice after a busy morning at the park, zoo, museum, or library to come home and give everybody a little downtime watching PBS Kids. Each boy has "his" spot on the couch, and they love to snuggle in and zone out for a bit.

August 15: Pure Pie Bliss 
Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake pie. My own creation. Too bad I never got to taste it because I took it to our stake fair and it was eaten before I got a slice. I guess I'll just have to make it again.
(Also featured in the background are the sweet flowers my awesome husband brought home for me on Friday. That guy is a keeper.)

August 16: Dryer Man
Our little explorer managed to climb into the dryer all by himself on Sunday. Yes it terrified me to find him there...and, yes, I'm now making sure that both the dryer door and the laundry room door are kept closed.

August 17: Friendly Flower

August 18: Pony Ride

This week for $2 Tuesday we planned to go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, and we did, but we got through it faster than expected, so I decided to really make it an outing and visit Farm Country, too (It was only $2 dollars after all). Will was so excited to ride a pony, even though he had to wait in a ridiculously long line to do it. He was so patient, and I was proud of him for his good attitude.

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