Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 30

July 31: Color
I think this toy is so cool. So does pretty much everyone who sees it. And it photographs well. :)

August 1: Running Family

August 2: Primping

August 3: Missed Day

August 4: Water Party
Will finally earned the water party he's been working toward for a long time (potty-training related). I had actually wanted to do one anyway this summer, but it worked out well to make it an incentive for him. My boys were both exhausted after 3 hours in the sun, but we had a good time.

August 5: Chalk Art

August 6: Handyman Will
Will was so excited when I showed him this little drill (which is real) and let him help put up this rack for the entryway. 

August 7: Target Trip

August 7: I Can Climb!

August 8: Balloon Festival

August 9: Mess Maker

August 10: Decorating
I've had these prints for almost a year, but I finally put them up.

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