Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 9

March 4: Flashy Lights!
Logan LOVES this toy right now, and anything else that lights up and makes noises.

March 5: Perfect
I love this little boy and his perfect brown eyes, creamy complexion, and thoughtful expressions.

March 6: In the Construction Zone

March 7: BIG Balloon
We went to a wedding luncheon on Friday where the table centerpieces included GIANT balloons which the bride and groom were kind enough to give to all the little kids after the luncheon was over. Will was thrilled! Side note, that little blonde in the picture is my best friend's little boy. They were visiting from San Diego, and we had so much fun!

March 8: Daddy's Scratchy Face
If you're familiar with the book Pat the Bunny, you know that Daddy has a scratchy face. I guess I've read it to Logan a lot lately because he wanted to experience the real deal. :)

March 9: Mommy's Bed is Better
This little guy did not want to nap in his bed on Monday (I blame daylight savings), so he ended up passed out on my bed instead. Love that sleepy pout.

March 10: Eight Months Old (and a few days)
If you look closely, you can see his first tooth!

March 11: Work in Progress

March 12: Costco Run
This was the first time my boys had sat together in the shopping cart. And they were so good at sharing...or something like that.

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Stephanie Bradley said...

Aww, we had so much fun too! Love those cute boys, although I am now not sure if I am ready for 2 boys :) send me any cute pictures :)


PS - love how cute the quilt is turning out :)