Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 10

March 13: Rainbow Connection

*Note: Will really did love building this rainbow, but these days whenever I interrupt our play to take a picture, he tells me, "No Ma, no pic!"

March 14: Pi Day!
My Sister and her husband have a party/pie baking competition every year on March 14. This year's concoction looked lovely, although it didn't taste as good as I'd hoped. 
Don't worry, though. I already have an idea for next year.

We also had the pleasure of hosting my nephew for part of the weekend. I'm not sure when he got twice as big as me, since I still remember when he was Logan's age. Below is a snapshot of our hike on Saturday morning to Bell's Canyon.

March 15: New Life
After waiting several months, wondering if I planted them right, it has been so satisfying to watch these little crocus blooms poke through the soil and blossom.

March 16: Cookie Practice
Speaking of baking competitions, we have a "March Madness Cookie Tournament" this weekend, and Will has been my sous chef. I've been trying to master chocolate chip cookies for years in Utah, and I think I've finally found a good method. Just in time!

Here's the result...yummy-looking, no?

 March 17: Bananas Make Good Hair Gel 

 March 18: Yooo Halloooo!
While out running errands this morning, Will found a large rain spout coming off a building and was entranced by the echo when he talked into it.

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