Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Part 7

 February 18: Determined
This little boy wants to crawl SO badly right now. He still hasn't quite figured it out, but I'm pretty sure it's coming any day.

February 19: Nap time

February 20: Relaxing in Style
Trips to the children's museum make everyone happy.

February 21: Spy Skills
Graham and I went on our Valentine's date (a week late) on Saturday. We embarked on a "spy mission" that involved a stake-out at dinner, a quick escape, and defusing a "bomb". But, all spies know that scaling walls is an essential skill in the world of espionage, so we went to the climbing gym to hone our skills. FUN!

February 22: Decadence
Another incredibly late celebration of Valentine's day...flourless chocolate cake...AKA: chocolate decadence. YUM!

February 23: Naked boy!

February 24: Slime!

February 25: D is for Dinosaur

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