Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The View From Here

Here's what I've been looking at recently:
Actually, the funny part is that I had to lean over so you would be able to see my feet in this picture. I definitely feel like a big, round ball of baby these days. We're making final preparations for our bundle of joy, and the view around our apartment has changed a bit.

Until last weekend, this was our office/guest room/storage room. Now, the computer is in the living room and our storage has been cleaned out (or at least redistributed). The room is still not fully decorated, but it's at least functional for now.
It weirds me out to see a stroller and car seat in our apartment. It weirds me out even more when I realize that in a few weeks they will be occupied!
And, just for added cuteness, can you say, "Helloooo cute owls"? After examining the picture, I questioned whether the eyes make them look a bit creepy, but I've decided they're still adorable.
Ready or not, here we go!


Graham said...

3 weeks and counting!

Rachel Eddington said...

I think it weirds me out a little bit as well to see things that were once in our room now in the baby room. Do you say "good luck", "break a leg", or "go get 'em tiger" to someone who's about to have a baby? I sort of like that last one best. :)