Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Baby Boy,

I am sorry Daddy and I still haven't named you, but do you have to get back at me by doing hand stands on my hip bones? Also, in case you haven't figured it out by now, you will not be able to escape through my belly button. You're just going to have to be patient; in due time, a better way out will present itself.

Good news, though: Daddy and I finally bought you a crib last week, and (after much research and discussion) we've decided on a car seat and stroller, too. That means the hospital will actually let us take you home! We even promise to name you by then.

I'm not sure I can promise that your room will be completely cleaned and decorated by the time you come, but I'm working on it. Really, it's up to you. If you wait until your due date like a good little boy, I'm more likely to finish all the projects on my list. Daddy keeps trying to tell me that you really won't care if there is artwork on your wall or if the decor is color-coordinated, and maybe he's right, but I sense that you have an appreciation for aesthetically appealing spaces. You are going to have some cute clothes and lots of books to read, too, thanks to the generosity of a lot of people. I hope you remember to thank them someday.

My big (and growing bigger daily) boy, I'm so excited for you to join our little family. I can't wait to see your face and snuggle you tightly. Most of all, I can't wait to see your daddy hold you. Oh, and I'm sorry about the earthquake he created for you yesterday; he just likes to see and feel you move.

I'll see you soon (but let's not jump the gun)!




Brenda said...

Megan I love this! I'm so excited for you to be a mom. You are so amazing and you little boy is so lucky to be coming to your family. Good luck over the next couple weeks.

Ashley said...

This is so sweet, Megan. I'm so excited for you! Try to enjoy these last few, dreadfully long weeks! You are going to make a wonderful mama.