Friday, June 5, 2009

School's Out!

I just wanted to send a great big WAHOOOOOOO out into the great wide world in celebration of the end of the school year. It's been a great, hard year that has taught me a lot. It was a busy last week, what with the air conditioning in the school breaking (never a dull moment) and final projects to get into the grade book, but I made it. It was really nice to have some time left over to spend just enjoying my students' company and laughing with them about all the silly things we've done this year. Yesterday I went to Lagoon with the 9th graders and had a moment on the bus ride home to reminisce about all the bus trips I took as a high schooler myself. It was fun to be a (small) part of the memories they are making and to imagine where they will be when they are my age. It puts me in a crazy, kind of fun, time warp.

I'm still in denial that it's over. Maybe it will sink in on Monday when I get to sleep in. To all my teacher friends, congrats on another year!

Just for kicks, here are some of my students being CRAZY (they were trying to show all the things you SHOULDN'T do in a classroom for a project I'm working on for next year)!


Jeff said...

Congratulations on another successful year. Robyn was quite happy to be done.

Robyn said...

Love the kids knowing EXACTLY all the things they shouldn't do and "acted" them out so well. Well, here is to another school year and a fun summer to come!

Ashley said...

Yea Megs! I can't believe it's been a whole year since I've been at SoJo. Miss you guys!

We need to get together sometime this summer. Maybe a movie night?