Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hope for the Future

For my friend Amy's birthday we went to dinner and to see the new Pixar movie, Up. I have been excited to see it because the reviews have been PHENOMENAL, and I have always loved Pixar movies in the past. Suffice it to say, this one did not disappoint! If you have not seen it yet, stop reading right now, go find a friend, and go watch it.

If you have seen it, hopefully you can identify with the reasons I love this movie:

1) It is rated PG, and I can't figure out why it wasn't rated G.

2) The chubby, scout kid is nerdy and reassures me that even quirky, weird people can make a difference in the world.

3) The crabby, old man ends up being good in the end (don't tell me I spoiled it for you--it's a Disney movie after all. Whet did you expect?). I don't care if it's cliche, I like that he changes for the better. It's further proof that people will show their good side eventually.

4) Brief though it was in the movie, the romance was beautiful and REALISTIC. I hope someday to find love like that. Love that transcends time and place. Yes, I am a sap. And I'm proud of it.

5) They named the bird Kevin. And it likes bird.

6) The dogs, especially Dug. Enough said.

7) The complete impossibility of what occurs in the movie. It requires imagination and a willing suspension of disbelief. I think being required to dream beyond the ordinary is a good thing from time to time.

8) I laughed and cried. Only the best movies can evoke both emotions.

9) The short film before the feature film. It always amazes me how much of a story can be told without using any words.

10) Disney has an uncanny ability to make the world a more hopeful place. We need more media that inspires good and teaches good morals. It's nice to see protagonists that are not perfect, but that you really want to see win in the end!

P.S. - The picture below is of one of my favorite parts in the movie.


Robyn said...

I think you have just sold me on seeing it with Jeff next week. I was not really excited about seeing the movie, but I have heard such good things that now I am curious.

Carol said...

On our way to Milan we saw a huge blimp with "UP" written on it. I kept waiting to see the "7" in front of it until it dawned on me that it was an ad for the movie not a soda ad. Didn't know much about it. Now I do and guess it's on my "must see" list. Thanks for the review.

Paul and Susan said...

We are always looking for good movies to see. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Ann said...

I took the kids to see this Friday in 3D! Wow - it was way better than I thought. The kids and I really liked the combination of wild adventure and reality.