Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Countdown

Hooray for summer vacation! I only have 11 teaching days left before I bid a fond farewell to my students for this year. I'm not sure what they learned, but at least we all survived to try again next year.

Here are a few of my favorite things that I've learned this year from my students:

1) "Americans need to eat more VEGETARIANS."

2) Classrooms are a good place to practice skateboard moves, though necessarily without the skateboards.

3) Pencils lodged in the ceiling are more interesting than anything I could ever say.

4) All the frustrations of preparing for a student talent assembly pay off when you see them on stage and start to get teary-eyed as if they were your own children.

5) leap frog, doing the wave, and hula hooping are essential parts of a seventh grade education.

Those are just a few, and my brain feels too fuzzy to come up with more right now. I wonder what else they'll come up with before the year is over...


Ann said...

I love your list! Too funny! I'm so jealous that you only have 11 more days. I have 17. But the last four are finals so I'm not really teaching those days.
Here we come Hawaii!

Robyn said...

Well, at least all your students know how to tie there shoes. I think I still have two. Their parents finally gave up and they now have velcro (thank you!)