Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: November is Here!

For the month of November, I'm going to try to focus all my photos around the things I'm thankful for. Here it goes:

November 1: I'm thankful for...Quiet Moments
They run around like crazy hooligans so much of the time, I'm grateful for the moments they slow down for just a minute.

November 2: I'm thankful for...Imagination
I LOVE watching my boys make up stories and playing together

November 3:  I'm thankful for...Pinterest
It's getting cold outside, and we're breaking out all the inside play ideas, mostly inspired by Pinterest.

November 4: I'm thankful for...Messes 
(especially in the tub where they can be washed away easily)
Messes mean that my boys are learning and exploring, just like they should be.

November 5: I'm thankful for...Examples
My mom was such a good example of teaching children through play. I'm trying to follow in her footsteps.

November 6: Goofy Faces
Motherhood is rough sometimes, but I love this little man and the big personality he has.

November 7: I'm thankful for...Comfort Food
If it's gotta be cold, at least I get to break out the hot chocolate.

November 8: I'm Thankful for...Reminders
I've been looking through old photos during the past week for some projects I'm working on. I found this one where my sister and I are probably not too different in ages from what my boys are now. It's made me think a little more about what I cared about when I was their age, and how it's okay to just let them enjoy being little boys. Don't grow up too fast, little buddies.

November 9: I'm thankful for...Childhood Memories Revisited
You can't go wrong with a blanket fort.

November 10: I'm thankful for...First Snow of the Season
...and children who help me see it as magical even though I'd rather be wearing flip flops.

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