Monday, October 19, 2015

Photo-A-Day: October Catch Up

October 4: Behind Those Eyes

October 5: Kids' Rights
Oh, how they love their mac n cheese.

October 6: Watch This, Mom!

You want any ice cream?
(Will's favorite playground game)

October 7: Strawberry Rhubarb
Graham has been requesting this dessert for years. We planted rhubarb for this exact purpose. 
So, I finally delivered.

October 8: Quotes Speak to My Soul
I saw this at a friend's house last week. True, yes?

October 9: Brothers
The only way to get a picture of both of them? Have Logan sit on top of Will.

October 10: Hiking in the Living Room
I went hiking with the youth from church on Saturday. I had never done this particular hike, and I was amused by the rock "furniture" at the peak that gives the hike its name.

October 11: Funny Faces

October 12: Pumpkin Party

October 13: Tall Towers

October 14: Train Man
He's decided on a Halloween costume. Here's a sneak peek.

October 15: Wild Wagon Ride

October 16: Corn Field

October 17: Annual Pumpkin Patch Adventure

And...we're done.

October 18: Tech Savvy

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