Friday, January 9, 2015

So You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer?

I've already written about our bustling, busy, full-of-family Christmas. What I haven't explained is that the reason we had so much family around for Christmas was that Graham's brother got married two days after Christmas.

He had to go all the way to Romania to find her, but Consuela is wonderful, and I'm sure Josh would say she was worth the wait.

Planning a wedding in two and a half months is no small task (I know, I did it, too), so I offered to do whatever I could to help. What they needed, in the end, was a photographer. Something about the fancy camera I own must have tricked them into thinking I know how to use it, and they asked me to be their photographer. In truth, I love photography, but I know that I am far from being a professional. Still, I told them I thought I could probably get them a few good pictures.

By the way, did you know that it is incredibly difficult to photograph a wedding? It's a day full of priceless moments that you can't ever get back and that you want to capture in a photo forever. Oh, and it turns out that getting the proper exposure on a shot that involves a white dress and a black tuxedo is tricky. It didn't help that it was beyond cold on their wedding day, which made outside photography tricky. By the time we were done shooting outdoors, I literally couldn't feel my fingers, so I had to keep looking to see if I was actually pressing the shutter release. Brrr!

Still, it was a great learning experience for me, and I loved getting to spend time with Josh and Consuela on their wedding day. It's amazing what you see through the lens of a camera when you're watching two people interact. I loved watching their love.

Here are some of my favorites:

This was a random shot I took as Consuela was trying to stuff her dress in the car when we were heading out to go take pictures, but I love it. She's so beautiful!

Josh carried Consuela every time we walked outside so her dress would't get dirty or wet. 
What a good man!

I think this one is my very favorite. They just look so natural and happy.

During the ceremony:

I had to include one of Will as the ring bearer! He actually gave the ring to Josh. Hooray!

The Wedding Party


Emily Sue said...

Pretty pictures, Meg! Want to be my wedding photographer?!

Steve & Katie said...

Wow great job Megan!!!