Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year's Resolution

I used to make elaborate New Year's resolutions: multiple goals that were divided into categories of physical, spiritual, educational/mental, and personal development. It was good at the time, but in an effort to simplify my life and lower stress levels, I stopped making these detailed resolutions a few years ago. Last year, my goal was simply to "be present wherever I am." I made it my motto for the year, and I think it has helped me be a better mom.

However, I miss the tangibility of measuring a goal, and I have a specific one that I've decided to tackle this year: improving my photography.

While I was encouraged by all your kind words about the wedding photos I shared with you in my last post, shooting that wedding really opened my eyes to all the things I don't know how to do with my camera.

Someone once told me, "If you're ever unhappy with something, there are two options: change your expectation or change something you are doing. That's all you can control."

So, I'm taking control of my photography and changing my actions.

I'm embarking on a photo a day challenge for the year. I will take at least one photo each day, preferably with my nice camera but my phone camera still counts, and I'll post them weekly (I hope) on my blog to keep myself accountable. I'm also going to try to tackle a different skill each month (nailing crisp focus, setting custom white balance, improving shots in low light scenarios, etc.). My goal is two-fold: first, to improve my photography skills, and second, to document the sometimes overlooked aspects of my daily life.

January's skill to improve: learn to manipulate focus better so that the subject is tack sharp.

Here's the first batch of pictures. Enjoy!

January 1: Choo Choo!

January 2: Book Lover

January 3: Serious Science

January 4: Making Sunday Dessert...Like Father Like Son

January 5: Nom Nom

January 6: The Tallest Tower in the World!

January 7: Puddle Stomping

January 8: Float or Sink?
Would you believe this game kept my crazy son occupied for an entire hour?!

January 10: Alfajores (AKA - addicting cookies) for Peru Night

January 10: Wild Man
Walks in January? Yes, please! Especially if there is a stick involved.

January 11: Six Months Old! (Okay, the photo shoot was a few days late)

 January 12: Brotherly Love

January 13: Food, Glorious (Solid) Food!


Natalie Harr said...

love the puddle stomping one! Captures the essence of childhood and great colors

Consuela Serban said...

Last picture looks sooo familiar. I don't remember you being there when I was trying to feed him :)
On another note, a while ago, before my life became crazier, I started watching some photography lesson podcasts. Some of them were really interesting: