Friday, September 12, 2014

The Two-Month-Old, the Two-Year-Old, and the Mom Caught in the Rainstorm

On Tuesday, Logan had his two month check-up. He measured 23 ¾ inches and was exactly 12 lbs. That puts him in the 75% for height and 50% for weight, so he’s a super healthy little man. Hooray!

The best (read: craziest) part of the appointment actually occurred before it even started. A few blocks from the doctor’s office, it started to sprinkle, and I thought, Oh no, PLEASE just hold out till I can get the boys inside. Apparently Heavenly Father thought I needed a challenge though, because it started POURING within minutes. We’re talking, I-can’t-see-through-the-windshield-so-I-better-hurry-up-and-park pouring. I parked the car, knowing I’d be late if I didn’t head into the building right away. Still, I didn’t want to get the boys soaking wet.
As I sat debating whether to make a run for it or not, it started hailing! Waiting in the car won. For a moment at least. Once the hail stopped I thought I’d be brave. I had two umbrellas in the back seat and a hat, so I gave Will a hat and umbrella and left him by the side of the car while I ran around with my own umbrella to get Logan. By the time I got back, Will had let his umbrella slip sideways and was whimpering while getting soaked by the rain. I put back up his umbrella, told him to hold it tight, and we ran. 
The parking lot was flooded, and I realized suddenly that Will’s feet were completely covered by the puddle--no, LAKE--of water between us and the doctor’s office. SO, I picked him up and ran, our umbrellas doing absolutely no good at this point. 
Finally, we made it inside and up the elevator, now 10 minutes late, and I was rushing to get to the office. Again, I heard Will behind me whimpering, and when I turned and looked, he was standing about 10 feet behind me with his shorts around his ankles! I couldn’t help but laugh. I think it was just a combination of his shorts being a little too big and the water making them stick to his legs as he walked. Poor boy! He didn’t know what do (that happened three more times before we got home). I got his shorts pulled up, and we made it to the appointment, which thankfully went really smoothly, even if we were a little wet. 

Adventures in parenting!

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Jill Jenkins said...

Isn't being a mothet a challenge.