Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Adventures

I love holidays! Especially when it means Graham has the day off of work and we can have some fun family time. 

On Monday, we turned Labor Day to into a true staycation. We didn't do anything "productive" all day long. It was wonderful! We just focused on being together as a family. 

We started out by going out to breakfast at The Belgian Waffle and Omelette Inn, a place right by our old apartment that we always told ourselves we should go try, but we never did. It had awesomely outdated decor and a stereotypical diner waitress, but the food was really good.

After filling up at the restaurant, we headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to hike Cecret Lake. I was so impressed with Will, who hiked the entire mile (and 450 ft. elevation gain) up to the lake! 

He was having a great time jumping on and off of rocks, admiring the birds and bugs we passed, and crossing over the streams in our path.

The only picture we have of all four of us...

Logan slept the entire way up and back in the Moby Wrap (I love that thing). He was cranky at the top when I pulled him out to try to feed him. It was bright and windy, too cold for my little man. He was okay snuggled up in Graham’s sweatshirt though, as long as he had his pacifier for comfort.

The adventure took the whole morning (it’s amazing how much longer things take with kids who require emergency stops for car sickness, unexpected diaper changes, and feeding).

(On the way down, Will finally tuckered out and insisted on being carried. I can't blame the kid. Those little legs got quite the workout.)

Will crashed for a nap shortly after we got home, and Graham and I enjoyed a little down time before we headed out again in the late afternoon. Graham had been wanting to take Will up to the rec center in Bountiful all summer because they have a fun outdoor kids’ pool in addition to their indoor facility. Somehow we got all the way to Labor Day and realized that it was now or never (at least not until next summer when the outdoor pool would reopen). So, we drove up, had an early pizza dinner, and headed to the rec center.

I had my own fun adventure of trying to feed Logan in the women’s locker room, and then I met the boys out at the pool. Will had a blast. He spent most of the time going back and forth between the kids’ area (he preferred the indoor one, ironically) and going down the giant waterslide they have there. It’s awesome that he’s allowed on it with an adult. Brave boy!

By the time we got home, it was bedtime, and I was about ready to join Will in sleeping. What a busy day! It was so fun, though, to fill it with family memories. I don’t regret a moment of the crazy schedule. I’m happy to have a few low-key days to follow it up though.  

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