Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's getting cold around here. I had to turn on the heater last week, I've started wearing socks again (gasp!), and I've put soups back on the dinner menu. Graham even suggested that we put the down comforter back on the bed. So now I know it's not jut me. Fall is officially here.

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of cold weather. I'd much rather bask in the warmth of summer with all the sunshine and outdoor adventure it brings. But, I've made a distinct effort this year to focus on the good things about fall. I even made a bucket list.

All this changing weather has got me thinking about seasons...not just the meteorological ones, but the seasons of life. Graham and I regularly comment about how fast Will is growing, and how it wasn't that long ago he was just scooting around the house and learning to crawl. I don't always see that progress day to day; sometimes I get stuck in the rut of laundry, sweeping cheerios up off the floor, and just trying to stay alive until Graham gets home. 

Last weekend, during General Conference I was struck by a particular phrase spoken by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. He described a specific woman whom he admired in the following way: 

"The demands on her were many and her tasks often repetitive and mundane, yet underneath it all was a beautiful serenity, a sense of being about God’s work."

I was pierced...and I was humbled. I asked myself, "Is there a beautiful serenity to my mothering?" Honestly...not as much as I'd like. 

This week, I have a new reminder for myself: This is MY season. 

Will is sure to grow up way too fast, and soon he'll be in the season of school, and then the season of learning to drive, and then the season of moving out on his own where I can't be there to protect him from the world. 

But, THIS season, these few years where I have him to myself, this is is MY love him and prepare him for all those other seasons life will bring to him. 

So, I'm embracing this time, in all it's messy and sometimes mundane glory. I'm going to sneak as many kisses as I can, log lots of snuggle time, and get down and play with balls and cars as much as possible. 

Because this season will pass. And then I'll probably want it back.


Graham said...

Great Pictures!You're an awesome mom.

Jeff said...

What a great philosophy. So often we have a tendency to look forward to the future. And, while that's not necessarily bad, it's important to remember the joys of the hear and now. Thanks for sharing.

Paul and Susan said...

What a great perspective you have. I always enjoy your insights and writing ability.