Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Haircut!

There are some milestones my little man reaches that seem more like rites of passage, and I find myself hesitant to let him grow up too fast. I know my days of snuggling and rocking him are numbered. I know that he will soon let go of my hands and walk alone. But I also know that my job as a parent is to raise him so that he can be confident in running forward in life without needing me beside him every moment.

Getting his hair cut for the first time was one of these milestones I kept putting off, a little reluctant to let my baby's shaggy locks go. But, it was getting to the point where his hair was getting in his eyes, and he was really looking like a rag-a-muffin (albeit a cute one).

I thought I'd just give the front a trim and put off a real haircut until later, but I'm not really good with scissors, apparently. So, today I took him to a real salon for a REAL haircut.

Here's the beginning of the haircut. He was pretty mellow about the whole experience as long as he had a Triscuit to munch on.

And the final product (still with a Triscuit). He looks so handsome now, I can hardly stand it!


Meg said...

He's so handsome!

Robyn said...

It looks good! Such a cutie!