Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Spy

Since Will was born, I have been trying to improve my photography skills so that I can capture all those priceless moments that he regularly creates. This month, I started a photo-a-day challenge that my friend sent me on Facebook. Here is the first week's worth of pictures....Enjoy!

Day 1: Fall

I can't believe the leaves are beginning to change color. Where did my summer go?

Day 2: Sun Flare

I had fun learning how to make sun flares with my camera. Hooray for Google and The Pioneer Woman for teaching me how to do it. 

Day 3: Vintage

Graham worked late for a few days this week, so I took Will to Wheeler Farm for an after dinner adventure to keep us sane during the evening hours. Plus, I thought it would be a great place to find inspiration for "vintage" photography. Then again, anything looks vintage when you put it in sepia tones. Don't you think?

Day 4: Games

Graham and I have become addicted to puzzles lately. This is our fourth in the last month or so.
Day 5: Inspiration

Down the street from my apartment complex is an old, kinda run-down auto shop. On my walk with Will the other day, I noticed that out back they had these stacks of tires. Why did I take a picture of tires for "inspiration"? Well, frankly, because I thought they looked cool, and it inspired me to photograph them. That counts, right?

Day 6: Love

Love can be many things. It can be a kind word, a hug after a long day, or it can be your husband catching a bee in a cup at a wedding reception that is driving you crazy (and making the other guests at the table think you actually ARE crazy). Love is the simple acts of service.

Day 7: Friendship

My dad and my niece. The have SO much fun together and are such good friends. At my sister's wedding, their friendship reached a whole new level as they bonded over their matching band-aids.

Stay tuned for more pictures from my photo challenge!

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