Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Spy: Week 2

Last week I managed to find something OTHER than Will to take a picture of for each day's challenge. Although he's my favorite subject to photograph, I wanted some variety, so I tried to branch out from proud mommy shots. This week, however, I included some photos of him because they just fit perfectly with some of the themes...and he's super cute. Here we go...

Day 8: Laughter

Will discovered his toes last week, and he spent the better part of a stormy Monday playing with them. He can't get enough of them, and I can't get enough of watching him discover the world. It makes me laugh to see him so intrigued by little wonders of life. What a blessing to see the world anew.

Day 9: Light

This was the view from my sister's front porch last week. Beautiful!

Day 10: Home

They began framing our house last week. We now have a garage and a bathroom (sort of). We're ready to move in! Funny side note...they would have been much further on the framing of the house when we went to check, but apparently they had to send all the carpenters home because the lumber they had was too short. That's the bad news. The good news is that the reason the lumber is too short is because they dug the foundation deeper than planned and poured concrete for nine foot ceilings in the basement! Hooray for MAJOR upgrades at no cost! 

Day 11: Sweet

Umm...hello, beautiful. This was dessert last night. Fudge, cookies, and cheesecake. I love Costco, and I love my sister and brother-in-law for having wonderful taste in desserts.

Day 12: Happiness

When I was a child, we had a Charles Schultz (Peanuts creator) book called Happiness is a Warm Puppy. Each page had something simple that can bring joy to life, like a warm puppy or a soft blanket. For me, happiness is my little boy who is oblivious to the impressive waterfall of drool hanging from his chin. :)

Day 13: Comfort

Will's favorite toy, and one of the best ways to comfort him, is his toy moose. Yep, a moose. It has everything he loves: bright colors, various textures, jingles and rattles, and lots of parts to grab and chew on. Yum. 

Day 14: Pure

No frills. Just pure sunlight, a soft spot to relax, and a curious boy...practically perfect in every way.

P.S. - In other news, Will is now four months old! He had a checkup last week with shots to celebrate. Here are his stats:

Length: 27 inches
Weight: 13.4 lbs

He's still our tall, thin boy who's learning new things every day. He'll probably outgrow his infant car seat by six months if he keeps going at this rate. 

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