Sunday, February 27, 2011

Food: A Life-changing Experience Part 2

My last post was about the wonderful food I had at a restaurant, so today I'm going to tackle cooking at home. I LOVE to cook, as many of you know, and I am constantly looking for new, yummy recipes to try. I have combed the internet for ideas, and I've come up with more inspirational recipes than I have time to try. However, I thought I'd pass on a few good finds to you.

First, a food blog I love is called Real Mom Kitchen. Laura, the author and cook, is a mom and total foodie! She has a lot of great, simple meals to try. Sometimes it's hit and miss, but I love her Santa Fe lime rice, and I used her simple chocolate fondue recipe for Valentine's Day this year.

Second, I love the menu planner on You can search through practically limitless ideas, or you can just have them create a weekly plan for you. Cool!

Third, and most amazing might I add, is a site called For a while now, I have been frustrated with the fact that I will find a neat recipe online, but I have no way to remember where it is. I could bookmark the page, but bookmarks don't organize terribly well, and it would be hard to find the recipe once I develop a sizable collection. solves my problem. It's an online recipe box of sorts where you can copy and paste recipes to save, and you can add the link to the original recipe (if you want to see the picture or check something). You can also tag recipes in various categories so you can search your own database later. COOL! Food and organization...I'm in heaven. Not to mention, it's totally free...DOUBLE HEAVEN!

I just found this yesterday, so I have yet to see how it functions over time and whether it will meet all my recipe storage needs long term, but it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :)

Bon Appetit!


Kristy said...

You'd better start looking up recipes for insects according to Graham's blog :) What an awesome couple you two make!

Jeff said...

I love food with all my heart. During Graham's busy season you can totally test recipes on me if he is not available. That is a service I provide free of charge.

Robyn said...

I love trying new recipes too! (Sisters perhaps?) Well, I just tried making split pea soup and it turned out really well. Kenny's is still much better but it wasn't bad for a first try. We will have to keep sharing.

Paul and Susan said...

That is wonderful that you love to cook so much. I need to get re-energized about cooking and be brave and try some new recipes. Thanks for sharing your information.

Mike Brittain said...

Hi, Meg. Just found your blog entry that mentions my site, One tsp. I'm so glad you like it! Reading this totally made my evening. :)