Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Brother, My Keeper

Today is my brother Kenneth's birthday. He turns 31. In honor of our 24 year long friendship, I thought I'd recount some favorite memories with him.


*playing hide-and-find, especially when Kenny hid between the book shelf and the bed and we couldn't find him forever.

*going on secret missions to clean the house, complete with code names.

*creating a HUGE poof pad in the family room that consisted of all the blankets and pillows in the entire house, and then we spent over an hour doing flips and tricks onto it.

*Getting trapped on a rock in the blackberry patch because Kenny wanted me to try to get the berries up there. Thanks!

*finger painting on the sliding glass door in the family room with shaving cream to the inspirational sounds of Gregorian chants on the record player. Sorry about the smell, Mom and Dad.

*building sandcastles at just about every beach we went to. My favorite was when we made the Salt Lake Temple and people thought it was a mission and that the angel Moroni torn from a paper cup was a cross. Hmm, we've got to work on our design a bit.

*listening to bed time stories (usually stories from the Bible or Book of Mormon) a la Kenneth. He always added a bit more spice than the scriptural accounts.

*Kenny trying to take care of me when I had a tummy ache by rubbing my stomach. Sorry about how that one ended up, Ken!

*the letter he wrote me one time while he was on his mission that made my day and was just what I needed to hear at that moment. To this day, that small event sticks out as one of the kindest things someone has done for me, and is an example of how the Lord uses us to answer each other's prayers.

*Falling asleep to the sound of you playing the guitar because the sound traveled through the heating vent.

I could keep going forever, but suffice it to say that writing this list has reminded me what a wonderful brother I have and how much fun he adds to my life! More than that, though, he always looks out for me and takes care of me as best he can. I always know that I can go to him if I need anything.

Love you Ken!


Ann said...

He is an amazing brother, isn't he! We really lucked out with this guy.

Jeff said...

I haven't known him for 24 years like you have but we've had some good times in the year or so that I've known him. He's definitely a good brother.

Robyn said...

I love that I was there for over half of those events and they stand out in my memories as well. I love him tons and feel so lucky to have him so close. He always has a happy word when I am in need. Oh, and don't forget about the clown routines he would perform for us when we were sad.

Sarah Jane said...

hey there! i'm a bit late. ken doesn't read blogs...a flaw for sure:) so I had to pipe in and say that i have to agree:) great post meg. I am sure glad I married him so we could all be family:) love you!

Paul and Susan said...

A wonderful tribute to a special guy. Thanks for sharing your special memories Megan.