Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let Us Run With Patience the Race that is Set Before Us...

I am list maker. I make lists of groceries to buy, things I need to do, places I'd like to go someday, people I need to catch up with, assignments I need to grade, and (apparently) things I make lists about. :) I put them on sticky notes, post them where I will see them, and get to busy accomplishing all the many things I want and/or need to do in life.

The bad news: I can do anything that I want to in life, I just can't do everything I want to.

The good news: I am never bored.

The bad news: I stress myself out with all of the things that I try to get done.

The good news: I still have a long time to accomplish most of the things on my many lists, and I am learning how to rely on other people to help me accomplish things, not to mention that the company is nice along the way!

In honor of the struggle to overcome getting overwhelmed by the tasks of life, here is a link to a great sports article in the Deseret News that addresses the topic through the metaphor of running a marathon. May we all remember to enjoy the journey a little bit more and "run with patience the race" of life each day!

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Ann said...

That's a great article. Thanks for being one of my fellow marathoners.