Monday, December 21, 2015

Photo-A-Day Challenge: December 15-21

December 15: Sledding Adventures

December 16: My Love
So, this picture was not taken on this December 16th, but it was taken on a December 16th...
five years ago. I'm so grateful for good wedding photos and I love looking back at our album and remembering the bliss of the day, and how much we have grown together since then. 

Also, that day, I went to Will's school because Santa came to visit. Aren't Santa pictures the best? Or something like that. :)

 December 17: Making Memories
This is our newest Christmas ornament. We bought it in Hanover, NH on our trip this fall. It depicts the sugar maples with their sap buckets. We try to collect ornaments on all our travels so that as we decorate the tree each year we can remember all the fun adventures we've gone on together.

December 18-19...Oops. I think I'm losing steam on this project, guys.

December 20: Christmas Sunday
Sometimes you get a good shot of your children in their Christmas Sunday best...and sometimes you laugh at the beautiful realities (as a friend of mine calls them) of life instead.

December 21: Fun with Aunt Robyn
I'm so glad my sister lives close and that she chose to spend a large chunk of her day playing with my boys and me. :)

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