Sunday, June 1, 2014

What I Learned Today

A few weeks ago in church we had a great lesson about seeking for truth. As a part of that, we talked about all the different ways we gain knowledge and that it's important to be aware of the knowledge we gain in all aspects of our lives. Now, my career was built on a belief in the importance of taking responsibility for our own learning. But I'm not in the classroom every day anymore, so I have to look for other ways that I am learning.

Because I AM learning. Life as a mother and home owner has opened my eyes to all sorts of knowledge. So, I've decided to start recording some of the lessons I'm learning on a daily basis. Some big. Some small. But all important.

Here's some of what I learned in May:

May 3: Fancy dinners are really nice when someone else is paying. And, despite the name "torta morbida" is a really good way to finish the meal. It turns out it's just the way you say chocolate-cake-that-is-so-good-you-might-die-so-beware in Italian.

May 5: When renovating your lawn, remember that, like so many things, it must get worse before it gets better. Don't worry, the war zone will look good in the end.

May 6: Green grass is a beautiful sight to see when looking out your windows.

May 7: It takes a spreadsheet with NINE columns for me to plan a five day trip away from my child where three different people will be watching him.

May 8: All-inclusive resorts are as good as they sound, or at least ours was.

May 9: Senor Frog's is all it's said to be...and more. Which is to say, it is SO not my scene. Bless Graham's boss for asking us if we wanted to ditch out early with them and catch a cab back to the resort.

May 10: Babymoons are just as good before the second child as they are before the, better!

May 11: I really do like long walks on the beach at night.

May 12: Traveling for 12 hours while 7 months pregnant gets kind of uncomfortable toward the end. Oh, and lying down does NOT help heartburn.

May 13:
As wonderful as it is to have a break from kids, my life as a mother IS my life...and I love it.

May 17:
It doesn't take much to make a two-year-old happy for his birthday. Balloons, a trip to the farm, fun with family, some new toys, and cake. He was in HEAVEN.

May 18:
Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce look quite similar, but they don't taste alike. One should always double check the label before pouring on rice...or pot stickers.

May 19:
Using a lighter to soften the end of drip line tubing makes it significantly easier (actually possible) to attach it to the connector piece. It will save your fingers a lot of pain. It will NOT, however, save your pregnant back from the strain of leaning over to install the aforementioned drip line.

May 21:
I'm not in college anymore. My body can't handle staying up past 11:00 for several nights in a row. While it's good to be productive and accomplish things sewing, reading, learning Photoshop, and gardening, it is NOT a good idea to do those things at the cost of wearing down your body. Oops. Enter a summertime cold.

May 23:
Dating your spouse is important. Even if it's just a simple at home date. Scheduling time to really connect and get out of the rut of daily life reminds me how much I really like this guy I married.

May 28:
Stripping the paint off of furniture is NOT for the faint of heart. It's messy, time consuming, and doesn't make you feel like as much of a DIY rockstar as you thought it would. Mostly, it just makes you feel discouraged, and tired, and like you may have gotten in over your head.

May 31:
It is really encouraging to see a seed you planted with your own hands pushing through the soil, straining for the sunlight. Grow little sprouts, grow!

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