Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Settling In

We made it. November was an insane month between two plane trips (one to each coast) and trying to get everything ready to close on our house and move. I am happy to report, however, that we are now officially homeowners!

This is the view I see from our living room every morning:

There are no houses behind us, so we have a great view of the mountains. I'm loving our house, despite the stress it took to get us here.

We were scheduled to move on November 30, and we barely closed on the house the day before. Then, we ended up on the phone with the agent at 7:30 a.m. that morning trying to get keys to the house because it accidentally got locked by the cleaners the night before with our set of keys waiting inside for us. Oops. 

Still, we got access to the house and, thanks to our movers, by 12:00 p.m. we had all of our belongings inside and mostly even in the right room. One of them commented on the fact that I had color coded and labeled each box by room and put corresponding labels in the rooms of the house. Overly organized...maybe...but it made it really easy for them to know where to put everything. Now, I'll grant you that using a different font for each room's labels might have been going a bit too far. I couldn't help it.

The next day we had to go back to our apartment and clean the whole thing. Lesson: kitchens take a long time to clean. I cleaned the kitchen in the time Graham did the rest of the apartment. By Saturday night, we were exhausted and ready to enjoy our happy little home.

Two and half weeks later, we have most of the boxes put away, and we're trying to make a decorating plan. Anybody want to enter me in a home decor sweepstakes and guarantee that I'll win? 

While we're not ready for HGTV to tour our place yet, we've made some progress:

Day 1:

 Day 10:

Day 1:

Day 10:

 And, here's your token cute picture of the these boys!


Robyn said...

It is looking so great! Thanks for being willing to have the fam over and I hope we don't wreck it too much too soon!

Kate said...

Cute, cute, Megan! I love it. How would it be to have everything brand new in a home?! I bet you're loving it. As to the post, I especially love the part about the labels. It rings too familiar. It was so fun to see you the other day and meet your little one! I wish you and your family joy and peace this Christmas season.

Ann Graham said...

Love it!! Wish I lived closer so I could come over and we could decorate together!
BTW, love the color coded labels. I wouldn't ever do that. Would I? :)

Robyn said...

How am I related to you too? I did not get the color coding gene.