Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Spy: Week 4

September has officially given way to October, but I'm not giving up my warm, sunny days without a fight. Yesterday, Will and I went to the park and relaxed on a blanket under a tree. He got his first ride on a park swing (he wasn't too sure he liked it) and attempted to eat the grass (I stopped him). It was perfect for picture taking, but we'll get there in a minute.

Day 25: Change

This little boy is changing SO quickly now. I was putting away his 0-3 month clothes today finally, and I had to laugh as I looked at how much he's grown. I held up to him the sleeper we brought him home from the hospital in, and it ends about mid-calf now. He's chewing on his TOES instead of his fingers these days (which makes diaper changes interesting), and he wants so badly to sit up. To help him learn, we bought him a Bumbo seat at a yard sale on Saturday. He's still a bit floppy, but he looks like a little king on his throne in it. What's next???

Day 26: Peace

I love the view of the park from my comfy blanket on the grass. A cool breeze, a warm sun, and the quiet of nature. Love.

Day 27: Paper

This picture is old, but it's something I'm proud of. My sister got married in August, and I helped plan the decorations for the barbecue we had the night before (so the two families could meet). We wanted it to reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, so we decided to combine words and nature. Kind of an odd combination, I suppose, but I think it turned out well. The paper hearts on the table are even cut from Shakespearean sonnets. I'm a nerd--I know.

Day 28: Motion

This is also an older picture, but it fits perfectly with the day's theme. My awesome brother created a rope swing for his kids in their backyard (they also have a zip line). Here is my nephew taking a ride. I love the look of pure joy on his face.

Day 29: Divine

This little boy has strengthened my belief that we are all divine...he is a child of God...right down to his adorable little toes.

Day 30: Me

It's a little tricky to get pictures of myself these days, but I played around with the self-timer function on my camera yesterday. I got about 50 pictures that were trash...and this one, which I think is actually pretty fun.

Well, that's it for September's photo challenge. I found one for October, but I haven't decided yet if I'll do it. I don't want to overdo the picture posts, but it does give me motivation to learn about this camera of mine. There's a good chance you'll see a lot more of my attempts at photography around here. Until then...happy fall! Go make some soup. Mmmm!

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Robyn said...

I like the posts! Of course I love photography so I might be out of the ordinary. You are going to have to start teaching ME how to take photos.