Sunday, January 29, 2012

Change is Good

One year ago, I was easing into married life. I was working my way through season after season of Psych while Graham worked long hours at Ernst & Young, and I was still unpacking boxes in our new apartment.

Now, I'm contemplating when I should start packing those boxes again. I'm wondering if we'll have a new room to decorate in a new house before this little boy makes his debut in May. I'm making guesses as to what time Graham will get home tonight from his first day at his new job.

I feel like I'm in the middle of a game of Yahtzee. I've rolled the dice, but I'm still waiting for the dice to land and to see what score I get.

Yes, we're crazy. We know. We've seen the looks people give us when we tell them that there's a good chance we'll move within a month of the baby's due date. I mean, who decides to have a baby, buy a house, and switch careers all in just a few months? Oh right, that's us.

Still, these are all good changes, and I'm excited at the direction our life is going. So...


That's a big statement to come from the fingertips of a girl who really doesn't like decisions and thoroughly enjoys the stability and comfort of a life well-planned. But I mean it. Bring on the paperwork of housing, the sleepless nights of motherhood, and all the uncertainty of starting something (or somethings) new.

Speaking of new, I'm SO not used to this belly of mine. I don't know how he's going to keep getting bigger for three more months!

The above picture is mostly for my mom, who has patiently waited for me to show her a pregnant shot. Here are some more shots for Mom, but you're welcome to admire my cute baby, too.


Ashley said...

You are adorable! Good luck with all the changes in your life. You will ease into motherhood like a pro. Your little mister is lucky to have you as his mama!

Jeff said...

It's a baby! I just have to say that I have seen approximately one gazillion ultra sound pictures. Most of them do not look like humans. Most of them do not even look like there is anything distinguishable. I'm proud to report that yours looks like an actual human baby.

I'm excited for you guys to make all these exciting changes. It might make for a stressful few months but all of the changes are for the better. Good luck!

Robyn said...

YOU ARE SO CUTE! I am so excited for all these changes. I will help you pack, move, snuggle baby boy, cook, clean and try to keep you laughing! I think you are going to be a GREAT mommy and I can't wait to see you snuggle that cute little guy (plus he has to know that I am the BEST aunt ever, don't tell Ann, Sarah or Dana).

Megan said...

You look fantastic! And I think your baby is adorable even in ultrasound pictures:) Good luck with all the changes, if anyone can do it, you can.

Holly June said...

I echo what has been said above. You look great, and your baby is going to be one handsome son-of-a-gun! :) And as far as all that change goes, I so hear ya! One new job, one new career, and moving across country with a new baby and a toddler has given me a love/hate relationship with change: not easy, but totally worth it and often necessary. I love you so much, Megs, and I'm super excited for you!
PS I think we need to have a phone chat sometime soon. :)