Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have a problem. Whenever I have people over for dinner, I decide it's a good idea to experiment. I get so excited about entertaining and making yummy food, that I sometimes neglect to think about the fact that the food might not turn out as planned.

Exhibit A:

This is the peach/nectarine cobbler I made last night. No that's not some fancy pan, it's just that the cobbler's crust boiled over SO much that it completely encased the glass pan. (Thank goodness for the foil sitting on the bottom rack to catch "drips"!)

This "experiment" was after the pesto/mozzarella bread I burned the bottom of by taking the pan from the oven and accidentally putting it on top of a burner that was still on...and after the chicken triangles that I almost couldn't make at all because I forgot that you have to defrost the phyllo dough...OOPS!

The good news: All the food was still edible!

The other good news: I think I successfully "entertained" our guests with all of my cooking antics.

The bad news: That's not the way I intended to entertain them.

The other bad news: I have never seen my kitchen so full of dishes...and that was after I did one round of dishes while I was cooking!

The moral: It's probably fine to experiment when having people over for dinner, but it might be a better idea to choose ONE thing to experiment with instead of THREE!

C'est la vie!

Oh, and remember this guy?
He didn't make this face even once during the chaos. He just pitched in and helped (and laughed). Thanks, My Love!


Jeff said...

That is an awesome face. He should have made that face the whole time.

Robyn said...

I am so glad your food was edible. Mine is not always so lucky. It is a good thing our husbands like just about anything.