Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's a Love Story

Many people have asked to hear the story of the, here it is in detail. For those of you who want the short version, ask Graham. I don't do short, as you already know if you know me well enough to be checking my blog in the first place. :)

Graham and I met last September, and we have been dating exclusively since December. Finally, in the last couple of weeks, we both began to feel that the time was right to move forward in our relationship. We had joked (sort of) about the idea of getting married for awhile, but we began talking in earnest and decided that we were ready to seriously consider whether this wonderful relationship is the one we wanted to choose for eternity.

Needless to say, the next Sunday, I handed him a note that said, "Here are a couple phone numbers that you may find convenient..." followed by my home phone number and my dad's cell number. After that, I didn't really know what to do. The ball was in his court. Sometimes I would begin to ask questions about what he was planning, but he asked me to be patient. I'm not very good at that, but I tried really hard to refrain from asking questions when he hinted about potential plans.

The next Sunday, Graham asked if I was busy Tuesday, and if not, would I like to go on a date with him. Of course I said yes, but I was a bit perplexed...were we going ring shopping, was he going to propose without a ring, had he already bought a ring (I really didn't think he would choose one without me)? I just didn't know. Monday, he told me we would be going out to dinner and to dress nice but also to bring clothes for hiking afterward. Well, that's a proposal date, if I've ever heard one! I thought. But how will he pull off the ring? I wondered.

Tuesday, I got all dolled up and Graham picked me up...looking dashing, of course. We drove downtown, and he took me to dinner at The Roof restaurant where a single red rose waited for me on the table. The food was divine, and our table had an amazing view of the Salt Lake Temple, which is gorgeous at night (and always)!

After dinner, we changed into jeans and hiked Ensign Peak (a short, 20 minute hike that overlooks the Salt Lake Valley). We stood at the top for a while, and I waited, wondering when he was going to propose, knowing that it was coming. Finally, he said, "Do you want to know why I love Ensign Peak?" The speech begins, I thought excitedly. He then unfolded a beautiful metaphor about how the pioneers came to the valley when it was barren and probably didn't look like much of a place to build a thriving community, but they relied on the promise of the prophet that the land would prosper if hey built under the colors of the ensign. He continued, explaining how our lives are like that as well. We, as a couple, know very little about what the future holds for us, but we also have the promise that if we build our relationship under the protection of the covenants that we make with the Lord, we will be amazed at what we are able to build in the end.

Following his speech, he got down on a knee, pulled out a ring, and proposed! I said yes, hugged him, and we both took a deep breath, realizing the significance of the agreement we had just made. I was nervous during all of the above, but I knew what I wanted and I have no doubt that life with Graham is a good decision. He will be a wonderful husband, friend, and father. I am excited to see what we build together!

We finished off the night by going home, calling my parents, and heading off to bed much too late but realizing that the events of the evening were well worth the lost sleep!

P.S. - This is a picture of the PHENOMENAL arrangement of flowers I found upon entering my bedroom after Graham left. What a finale!
P.P.S. - To hear Graham's version, which includes me getting hit by an owl on the way down from the mountain, read his blog post.


Holly June said...

Hooray!!! I'm so excited for you both! :) Marriage is THE best!

Stephanie said...

You forgot to mention two important facts... A) did he surprise you with a ring or did you go ring shopping (you didn't finish that part of the proposal :) AND B) you call me after your parents... hey not my fault I was a part of the night. Love you both and can't wait to see you in Dec!

Paul and Susan said...

It was great to hear your proposal story. He did a great job planning all of that out.

Melissa said...

Oh yay! I've been wanting to hear how he proposed. Congratulations! Sounds like a very memorable and sweet night. Can't wait to meet him.

Brenda said...

What temple are you getting married in?

Meg said...

We are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. :) Can't wait!

Robyn said...

YAY! Ok, so I am a bit late on the commenting, but I got to hear the story in person. I am super happy to have another great brother.