Monday, May 10, 2010

Project French Bread

Each year that I've lived in my current ward, the Elder's quorum has put together a girls' appreciation night that has blown my socks off and made me feel so loved. This year's event took place on Saturday, and it definitely lived up to all previous years' efforts.

This year's feast was deemed "Project French Bread" and (contrary to what the name sounds like--they wanted to be misleading) was a Hawaiian Luau themed dinner complete with Kaleo's Coconut Tours, hula dancing, and a REAL roast pig. Yes, the boys spent all Friday night and Saturday slow roasting a whole pig at the house of one of the bishop's counselors. I'm not going to lie...seeing the pig was kind of gross, but it tasted good. (I was going to post a pig picture, but I just decided it's not very appealing. Just imagine.)

I'm so grateful to have men in my life that are willing to go to such lengths to make the women around them feel extra special for a day. I don't require grand overtures or fancy things, but it was nice to feel loved through their sacrifice for us. It's really the little things that make the difference for me, things like when a guy opens my door, offers his hand to step down off of a big rock when hiking, helps with the dishes after dinner, or simply asks how my day was and genuinely wants to know the answer. The small acts of service mean so much to me. So, cheers to all the blessed gentlemen that surround me. I appreciate you.


Robyn said...

You sure have some good ones! Good job for them!

Jeff said...

Don't worry, I got to see a picture of the pig on facebook. I have other contacts in your ward that shared the picture.

I'm glad you had lots of fun. It's good to know that there are awesome gentlemen in your ward that show their love.

Carol said...

It's said that "Gentlemen prefer Blondes", but I say women of all types prefer gentlemen. Here, here for those in your life and everywhere.

Paul and Susan said...

You look beautiful in your outfit. What a great event to have each year for you ladies.