Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Power of Persuasion

It's that time of year again. No, not tax season...time to prepare my students for their persuasive essay test at the end of this month. It's amazing how much 7th graders DON'T know about essay writing, so I'm trying to give them lots of strategies and do lots of modeling. Today in class, we were writing supporting body paragraphs together as preparation for them writing their own tomorrow. To keep it exciting we did crazy prompts and (for my own sanity) I did a different topic with each class. Here is what they came up with (with a little prompting from the teacher). Enjoy!

2nd period
Thesis: Pigs are great animals.
Supporting paragraph:
First, pigs are experts at providing food. Without pigs, Cafe Rio pork salads would not exist. This dish is one of the restaurant's most popular items, and it would be a tragedy to lose it. In addition, pigs are the source of ham, bacon, and sausage. These meats are common, inexpensive parts of most Americans' diets. The variety offered by pigs makes them perfect for any meal of the day!

4th period
Thesis: Chocolate solves all problems.
Supporting paragraph: First of all, chocolate gives people energy in a quick and easy way. Chocolate contains sugar, which can increase blood sugar levels. This increase of sugar allows people who are on the go to have a quick energy boost. Chocolate also includes a small amount of caffeine. This can help people stay awake to do homework or while driving. Chocolate is not only a quick way to refuel, it's also a tasty treat.

6th period
Thesis: Love is dangerous.
Supporting paragraph: First, love is dangerous because it makes people do crazy things. For example, in Romeo and Juliet, the teens who are in love kill themselves at the end. Because they are so sad that they can't be together, the end their lives prematurely. In another instance, a guy might drive several hours every weekend just to see a girl he likes. He will waste money and time that might be better spent on something more valuable. When in love, people sometimes irresponsibly give up everything, even their lives, just because they want to be with that person.

Okay, so we're still working out the kinks, but they're making progress...I think.



Ashley said...

You make me miss teaching. I love their humor. Everyone always asks me why I taught at a middle school. In my opinion, it's the best place to be. Where else would you get such insight?

Jeff said...

The pig paragraph definitely convinced me. Ham, bacon, pork all from the same animal. That sounds like one wonderful, magical animal.

Robyn said...

Oh! I am teaching my students about main ideas and details. We still have to do it together A LOT, but they were making progress. Eight year olds can come up with some great reasons also.

Paul and Susan said...

I wish I would have had an English teacher like you!

amesbury said...

Love the stories you bring home about your students. Dinner would be so dull without them.

好想念 said...

how do u do?