Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring is Here!

Maybe not according to the official calendar, but I'VE decided that it's time for SPRING. No more snowy days, no more scraping ice off my windshield, and no more shivering every time I walk out my front door. In honor of this decision, I've changed my blog's background to reflect the approaching season. Spread the word; maybe we can get the weather to agree and actually bring spring sooner.


Robyn said...

Sounds like a plan to me!

Holly said...

Yay spring! Even more yay: I had a dream about you last night and figured I should tell you all about it:

I fly down to Utah to plan your big 25th birthday party (I was still pregnant in the dream, which frightens me. I do NOT want to be eternally pregnant!). You are living in a huge mansion, by the way, with a tennis court in your backyard and two swimming pools. But somehow, even though it is your birthday and in the middle of November, it is really warm outside and everyone is swimming. Who is everyone, you ask? Your 348 guests, that's who! Apparently, you are extremely popular and over half your guests are dashing young men just dying to go on a date with you.

Unfortunately, you are super busy running errands and have not yet arrived at your party. All your guests get impatient and sing happy birthday and blow out your candles without you (how rude!) because they can't wait to dive into the fifteen chocolate cakes that I baked earlier that day.

So I cry because you miss your own birthday party and all the guests are snarfing the cake like a bunch of hooligans. Finally, you make it home, see all the chaos, and we decide to catch the first plane to South America. The End.

Interpretation? Who knows! But it did make me miss you!!

Carol said...

After several days of cold, wet weather (very much needed by the way in California) the last two days have been bright and sunny with the promise of Spring, if not the reality of it. Whatever the weather of the day, I promise Spring WILL come! Isn't that great! Thanks for the reminder.