Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Running Away...Part Two--Hawaii

Me running away in my favorite way--reading a book

I am back from Hawaii and I have to say, my soul is mourning the loss of the ocean and tropical sunshine. I never understood the color aquamarine until I realized that water really IS that blue in Hawaii. I also never knew that you could do a handstand on a surfboard ("you" as in the amazing surfers we watched, not "you" as in me). Needless to say, there was a lot I didn't know until I learned to appreciate it in Hawaii.

It was great to run away for a couple of weeks again. Even better this time, I was with ALL of my family. You know you really love your family if you can get 15 people together, spend two weeks together, and NOT want to leave. If anything, this trip reminded me how much I really do love being around my family, and makes me want to have many more reunion vacations.

I'll spare you all the details of the trip (since most of you that read this were there!), but I'll share some pictures. I don't have very many because my family is full of really good photographers who took countless pictures...but I'm not one of them. Consequently, I have to wait until they send me the rest. I'll try to post more then. I will simply leave you with 5 words that brought much joy to my life during the last two weeks:




Shaved Ice (pretend like that's one word)

View from the house we stayed in on Sunset Beach, the best beach in the world!

Cliffs near Hanauma Bay

Ian's hippo mouth--a pretty close impersonation if you ask me

Flower in the botanical gardens of Waimea Valley


Robyn said...

I love Ian's Hippo mouth! I really missed waking up to the ocean this morning. I woke up to lawn equipment (sad I know!). We will just have to make sure we spend more time with each other.

Ashley Taylor said...

Sounds like a great trip! We need to get together so you can tell me all about it! I'm so jealous.

Sarah Jane said...

OH meg! I miss this place! I miss you too! Do we really have to go to hawaii together to see eachother every day? OH, and i NEED that pic of Ian's hippo face. Hilarious!!!

Ann said...

I'm back home finally and I miss you all and the ocean so much! It's foggy here (sigh!) Send me back to Sunset Beach!