Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To be or not to be? That is the question...

For all you Shakespeare lovers, here's something fun.

For all of you who think Shakespeare is overrated and underwhelming, here is a little evidence to the contrary.


We are all unwitting Shakespeare quoters, sometimes “without rhyme or reason.” If you are “in a pickle” because you have been “eaten out of house and home” and even your “salad days” have “vanished into thin air,” you are quoting Shakespeare. You’ve been “hoodwinked” and “more sinned against than sinning.” No wonder you’re not “playing fast and loose” and haven’t “slept a wink” and are probably “breathing your last.” It’s “cold comfort” that you are quoting Shakespeare. If you “point your finger” at me, “bid me good riddance” when you “send me packing” and call me a “laughing-stock,” “the devil incarnate,” a “sorry sight,” “eyesore,” and a “stone-hearted,” “bloody-minded,” “blinking idiot” and wish I were “dead as a doornail,” then I would say that you possess neither a “heart of gold” nor “the milk of human kindness,” especially considering that we are “flesh and blood.” Now that we have gone “full circle” and you are still waiting with “bated breath” since I have not been able to make you “budge an inch,” it is “fair play” for me to quit this sermon since Shakespeare himself taught me that “brevity is the soul of wit.” After all, it is a “foregone conclusion” that we all speak Shakespeare’s language!

Just for fun, here are some neat links:

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P.S. - I love this guy!


Jeff said...

That's really cool. I had no idea Shakespeare coined so many phrases. Thanks for sharing!

Robyn said...

You are a nut, but I happen to like many of his plays so I guess that makes me one too. Actually I was explaining some of his plot lines to some friends just last night. I guess Shakespeare really is everywhere.

Ann said...

PS - I love this guy too. But I think you already knew that. :-)